Neurosurgery Patient Chronicles Barnes-Jewish Visits on YouTube


Neurosurgery patient Scott Carnes chronicled his recent visits to Barnes-Jewish Hospital on YouTube.

We came across this on YouTube recently and thought it would be good to share for anyone who may get diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The Rev. Scott Carnes is a neurosurgery patient who recently had a stay at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He chronicled many of his visits to our hospital through his YouTube account, scotteugene79. He even has video of staples being removed from his head. Overall, he does a great job of explaining what many neurosurgery patients want to know before they undergo surgery and we encourage you to scroll through the videos he posted about his care.

The one we’ll share here is about as ultimate an endorsement as you can get. Scott, thanks for the kind words, but thank you for taking time to share your story.

-Jason Merrill


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