Do Pesticides Raise Cancer Risk?


It’s just a part of spring for many – spraying around the house to make sure insects don’t make a habit of bothering us around the home.  However, for some there is fear of cancer risk associated with long-term use of pesticides.  A Google search brings back over 1.5 million links on the topic.

How real is the risk? In her latest “8 Ways to Prevent Cancer” segment, KSDK’s Kay Quinn talked with Siteman Cancer Center’s Graham Colditz, MD, about it. He told Kay farm workers and people who are around pesticides and herbicides every day are the best example that higher exposures can boost the risk of cancer:

“We hope that our worker related regulations have cut down on exposures,” said Dr. Colditz, “but following the occupational groups where people spray routinely has been one place where we’ve seen links between pesticides and lymphoma or leukemia.”

For those of us who want to make sure ants and spiders aren’t a problem by spraying twice a year, he says it’s probably nothing to worry about. However, play it safe by keeping kids away.

For more information, you can watch the complete segment on KSDK’s website here:

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