Megan Moss update

On April 18th, 2010, Megan Moss was waiting for a donor heart. Suffering from congestive heart failure due to complications from myocarditis,  she was about to be transplanted with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) when a donor heart became available.

You might remember her from the many stories we posted around this time last year. Our community rallied around this young woman who was fighting a difficult diagnosis. There was a happy ending – the transplant went smoothly, and we’ve posted updates throughout the last year about her progress.

Now, almost a year to the day, Megan came to the hospital for a photo shoot with heart transplant surgeon Dr. I-wen Wang. When we heard she would be visiting, we reached out to see if she’d have time to talk with us. Megan is always willing to share her story, and we caught up with her to see how she was doing – here’s what she had to say:


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